About Zero Pest Solutions

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as ZERO PEST SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. a Government approved and Iso certified pest Control Company with the latest technology to satisfy the special demands of customers.  To continually improve ourselves, we have a team of professionally qualified personnel with over 15 years experience in the industry. These experts guide and supervise our trained technicians to provide international standard Pest Management Service in India. Our head office is located in New Delhi.

We believe in effective, responsible pest elimination less dependent upon chemical pesticides and more reliant upon techniques such as exclusion, traps and surveillance. In this direction we have been bringing more efficacious than traditional treatment and at the same time relatively more safe and eco friendly services. This blend of non-chemical tactics and localized use of pesticides is known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM).We propose to adopt a Pest Management operations entirely based on IPM principles i.e. 4D formula (Deny entry, Deny food, Deny Shelter and Destroy).

A Commitment to Excellence

We hope to promote better understanding of commercial structural & food safety; environmental sanitation, Pest maintenance and health & welfare of all in the commercial urban and suburban outfits. This commitment will reach into local communities through our qualified & certified employees through service, education and customer awareness.

We set a new standard in efficient service, effective products, application techniques, and the experience to deal with every possible pest problem. And we guarantee your satisfaction with those results. Every one of our people-field technicians as well as support staff-is a career professional who is totally dedicated to dealing with pest problems. It’s not just our job…it’s our commitment- an excellence in pest elimination & services.

Pest Technical, Training and Quality Assurance

An individual who will influence to tailor your site specific zero pest- Way Pest Management Program and work closely with service group to ensure work is carried out as per the contract specifications and to your satisfaction.

Our team had over 15 years of experience they have worked earlier in company like Godrej Hicare and Iss Hicare; We at Zero Pest Solutions Pvt. Ltd have improved their skills by training them in latest equipment, improved chemical and latest technique.

All Service personnel undergo an intense in house class room and field training to understand the scope of service. For the first few months our team initial set up at each facility – our Technical Officer will inspect, design and work closely with our service group for effective and efficient execution of the services.


  • Personnel Training

All ZERO PEST employees undergo regular training and certification to assure service is delivered to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Under no circumstances an untrained person will be utilized for the specific job.

Since early detection and prevention of pest problems are the corner stone’s of our   programs,  training focuses on new and innovative pest management strategies and emphasis on inspection and identification of contributing factors.  The other major area of training emphasis is problem analysis and selection of the most appropriate pest management strategy.

  • Pest Identification

Under most circumstances pest identification will be facilitated by our On Staff Entomologist. In some cases – Outside agencies such as University & Institutional Entomologist services may be utilized to obtain a second opinion as necessary.

  • Responding fast when you needs us

Professional Customer Service team will promptly respond to emergencies and our lead time will be 12 hours.