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Cockroaches are high-risk pests that invade your home or commercial premises. Right from contaminating befouling your food to destroying your premises or causing critical health conditions, their infestation can undoubtedly be distressing. They wriggle within the smallest corners of your house and lay siege, making it strenuous to do away with them. While DIY remedies of getting rid of cockroaches have proven to be a stopgap, our experts at Zero Pest Solutions all over the Noida area help you walk through the process of getting rid of cockroaches. Our expert services provided at your doorstep in and around Noida include the streamline approach as we believe indulging in continuous exploring, testing, and integrating the à la mode management techniques into our reduced-risk pest management strategy.

When Should One Get Treatment for Cockroach in their Premises:

Albeit a live cockroach bustling around your kitchen, bathroom, or living area is a mere indication of an infestation, there are a few other signs of cockroach infestation which might include grainy droppings, egg casing, or smear marks. If you perceive any of those, our experts at Zero Pest Solutions will take over from there.

What to Expect From Zero Pest Solutions

We, Zero Pest Solutions at Noida, believe in handling any kind of pest problem at its root, which is the reason why we use the up-to-date scientific combination techniques to purge the roaches out of your property. Our know-how experts will either use the gel-baiting method, a method in which a bait gel will be applied to cracks and gaps, or will use an insect monitoring trap with an attractant bait to lure the cockroaches and trap them.

Our investigation process includes:


We will treat the periphery of your property with the pre-eminent techniques and use the prudent methods available with a hassle-free service. There will be no need to vacate your premises with negligible odour and eco-safe environment to humans and pets.


We will provide the most non-toxic service possible to keep you and your entire home out of harm’s way, and secure every cracks and gaps.


We will serve the interior of your home and will institute pest monitors in the crucial areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility areas.


We will provide a detailed report of the services rendered and counsel regarding safeguard measures to be followed henceforth.


We will stay in touch with our customarily visits and will acknowledge any unforeseen needs.

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Services for Commercial Premises

For businesses or commercial properties, cockroaches are proven to be a peril. Our experts at Zero Pest Solutions, Noida offer a unique glue-based lockable cockroach trap technique that seizes roaches at all stages of their lifespan. It also ensures the safety standards, making it consummate for commercial premises.

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